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Coasters - Drink Coasters - Tile Art CERAMIC TILE COASTERS – Size: 4.25 inch x 4.25 inch

  • Glossy Ceramic Tile –  Coasters for Drinks
  • Bottom Surface: 3.75 inch x 3.75 inch cork back to protect counter tops and tables.
  • Display Decorative Tiles as Tile Art on an Easel
  • Use as a Table Coaster or Drink Coaster
  • Hang as Tile Art
  • Kitchen Backsplash

Price: $8.00 each – Minimum 4 coasters

ShippingUSA : FREE

Shipping CANADA: Email  for shipping costs and payment details.



1-Wine 'n Grapes
Augusta Coaster
Bamboo Leaves V
Barrel Cactus
Bighorn Pano I
Bighorn Pano II
BOP Irvine
Cafe Cups
Cafe de Flore
Cafe Doors Blue
Cafe Gold Chairs
Cafe LaBonne
Cafe Sarah B
Cafe Turq Chairs
Calla Lilies Black
Champagne POP
Cheese 'n Grapes
Chilis Peppers Red
Chilis Yellow/Grn
Dahlia Bouquet
Dahlia I
Dahlia III
Dahlia XI
Dahlia XII RED
Door Red Mailbox
Door Turq
Eagle Coaster
Eagle I  BlackWhite
Eifel Tower
Elephant BlkWhite
Elephant Coaster
Gardenia I TS
Gardenia III TS
Gerbera KK
Grapes Purple
Harbour Town
Hibiscus Yelo/Pink
Horse - Black
Horse - Chestnut
Horse -Pinto
Horse -White
Hummingbird Bougainvillae
Hummingbird Orange
Hummingbird Purple
Hummingbird Sunflower
Hummingbird Turq
Hydrangea Close
H_Bird Green
H_Bird Magenta
H_Bird Yellow
Iris n Glads
Japanese Iris
JJ Cardinal III Red
Lemons in Bowl
Lotus I
Mandarins Blue
Moulin Rouge
Musa Red III
O Poppy Peach
Orchid Cat
Orchid Phael
Orchid Spotted
Palm LP
Palm Row
Peacock III on Black
Pear Blue
Pear Golden
Pear Purple
Pear Red
Pears X3
Pebble Beach
Peppers Purple
Plumeria Pink
Plumeria Red
Plumeria White
Poppy Bouquet
Poppy CA Trio
Poppy Gold
Poppy II KK
Poppy Orange
Road Runner III Teal
Rooster Blue
Rooster II Teal Green
Rooster III Navy Blue
Rose AJ
Rose AppleBlosm
Rose DD
Rose Gold
Rose Red
Rose Turq
Rose White
Rose YO
Saguaro Cactus
Santorini Hillside
Santorini Stairs
Seashell Conch
Seashell SandDlr
Seashells Brown
Seashells Gold
SJC 4 Bells
SJC Blue Door
SJC Columns
SJC Fountain
SJC Gate Pano
Stargazer Bouquet
Sunflower V
Teacup 1-Nosegay
Teacup 2-Black
Teacup 3-Albert
Teacup 4-Aynsley
Tree with Bike
Tulip Bouquet
Tulips Black
Vase Hydrangea
Vase Sunflower
Vase w POPPY
Waterlily Pink
Waterlily Reflect
Waterlily Yellow
Zebras Coaster

Cafe Cups
Cafe de Flore
Cafe Doors Blue
Cafe Gold Chairs
Cafe LaBonne
Cafe Sarah B
Cafe Turq Chairs
Champagne POP
Door Red Mailbox
Door Turq
Eifel Tower
Moulin Rouge
Tree with Bike

Jackie Jacobson Art Studios, in Palm Springs, California,  is in the business of creating tile art.   What is tile art?  Simply, we fuse traditional paintings and artwork with the durability and longevity of tiles and murals. Now, you can get full-color works of art on ceramic tiles.  Create a memorable focal point for any residential or commercial space with our accent tiles or tile murals. The beauty of art tiles will blend seamlessly with any kitchen or bathroom remodeling project.  Our tile murals and accent tiles are perfect for kitchen backsplash, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, or shower tiles.

How are the Tiles Made?

Inkjet sublimation is the process used to decorate the ceramic tile coaster, using The Tile Master™ heat press. Epson Inkjet printers and sublimation inks print the transfers used to sublimate the tile coasters with unique artwork by Jackie Jacobson. The one absolute requirement of this process is that the tiles must have a polymer coating on them. When a tile is decorated using the sublimation process the image is transferred into the polymer coating and actually becomes a part of it. The coaster tiles are manufactured in the Jackie Jacobson Studios in the Palm Springs area. Stop by the studios for a tour of the tile production.  

Join Me in the Studio


Are You Visiting Palm Springs Soon?

What to do on the weekend in the Palm Springs area? Meet me at the College of the Desert Street Fair. I’m in booth #86, every Saturday and Sunday, October – May.

Personal Studio Tour

Call ahead for an appointment to have your tour of my studio and gallery in Palm Springs. 760.831.1190. I love spending time with people who are interested in art, painting and meeting the artist. Recent visitors from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Boston, and Vancouver BC have all enjoyed their art studio visits. If your vacation brings you to Palm Desert Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Indio, Desert Hot Springs, Banning, Yucca Valley, East Hemet, Coachella, San Jacinto, Hemet, Beaumont, Yucaipa, Twentynine Palms, or any other close by city, then definitely drop by when you are in the area.