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Need an Art Fix?

Watch this video…

to see what’s happening in the Digital Art Studio of Jackie Jacobson today.

I’ve made some changes in what’s hanging around.

You’ll also see how I went from using simple drawing tools to using the latest and greatest equipment.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvdT6GcE2bU?rel=0]

Meet the Artist…Jackie Jacobson


Here’s Your Personal Invitation


Art Studio - Artist - Jackie Jacobson

Digital Art Studio - Wacom Cintiq

Spend some time with me in the art studio in the Palm Springs CA area.

Visitors get to try their hand at some of the newest digital equipment.

And they usually leave with a piece of their own art!

Appointment for Your Personal Art Studio Tour

Call ahead for an appointment to have your tour of my studio and gallery in Palm Springs. 760.831.1190.

I love spending time with people who are interested in art, painting and meeting the artist.

Of course…I’m not available for tour on the weekends from May thru October.

But…your definitely welcome this summer. I’m on Vacation and would love spending time with you.

Join Me in the Digital Art Studio

Can’t make it to Palm Springs to play in the studio?
I have a series of 10 Free Studio Tours that you can watch right there on your computer.

Are You Visiting Palm Springs Soon?

What should you do on the weekend in the Palm Springs area?

  • Shop and have fun at the largest Street Fair in the area?



  • 340 Vendors



  • Arts – Crafts – and much more



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  • Free Admission


Meet me at the College of the Desert Street Fair. I’m in booth #75, every Saturday and Sunday, October – May. Recent visitors from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Boston, and Vancouver BC have all enjoyed their art studio visits. If your vacation brings you to Palm Desert Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Indio, Desert Hot Springs, Banning, Yucca Valley, East Hemet, Coachella, San Jacinto, Hemet, Beaumont, Yucaipa, Twentynine Palms, or any other close by city, then definitely drop by when you are in the area. Share/Bookmark//

Paintings of People – Pets – Places


The  Slide Show Presentationself portrait - artist

…is a view of how I see the world around me, and how I paint it. I am presenting this as a slide show tonight, in Palm Desert, CA. at the Southwest Community Church. Many people have said they wished they could attend. So I decided to include evryone in the presentation. Sit back, you don’t have to travel, and just enjoy. Thanks for attending.



Welcome to my home studio-gallery here in the Palm Springs, CA area.
If you are in town, call for a personal studio tour. 760.831.1190. I’d love to meet you, and show you around. It’s always fun having visitors.

Art Studio The “Wet” Painting Art Studio. Small and efficient, where I paint with oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolor, pastel and anything else that comes to my hand. You can see that I keep a large collection of acrylic paints – heavy and fluid – from many different manufacturers. I paint on top of the  giclee prints with these acrylic paints. The finished painting is called a “digital original.” By combining traditional painting methods and digital painting, there are never two paintings that are alike.

Digital Painting Studio


The Digital Painting Art Studio – No mess – Nothing Wet – No Odors – NO CLEANUP…  The joy of painting with digital paints. The art studio space is very small, I have 2 monitors (which you can see). I use one to put my reference on (what I am going to paint from…my model) and I paint on the other. My studios are compact and efficient, which really is the reason for my productivity. I’ve had 6,000 square foot loft studios, to 1,500 square foot north lighted studios, but these two rooms have kept me working.  And they are available at any hour of the day or night. No travel time required to get to the art studio.

The Slide Show presentation also covered all of the areas of art that I am currently showing online and at the street fair.

  1. Canvas Wall Art Mission – Architecture
  2. Ceramic Tile Coasters
  3. Custom Note Cards and Invitations
  4. Paintings from Your Photos
  5. Pet Portraits from Your Photos

And then some art pieces that aren’t on the Website yet…

Oil Painting - Diptych

Commissioned OIL PAINTINGS – Diptych Fuscia is 96″ x60″  I used ladders to paint these two piece. Most of my original oil paintings start at 48″ x60″ and go up in size. The scale is my favorite LARGE.  But in recent years, I have done some pretty intimate small paintings. I see the world up-close and personal, and that is the way I want to present it. So now, I just do close-ups in smaller sizes.

Drawings - Charcoal and Chalk

My favorite thing is to draw. I love drawing from the live model. This series of women hiding behind their exotic hats, were drawings done from life, and were  32″ x40″. There were 12 drawing in the series, and I am proud to say that they all are in wonderful private collections around the world.

As I explain in every presentation, I painted by number until I was 28 years old. I Could Not Draw. Then I went to art school, and learned that drawing is a craft that can be learned. “When you learn to see – you learn to draw.” I did. I now explain… once you learn the craft, what you do with it is your talent … your art.

I hope you have enjoyed this mini-tour of my studio – gallery – and art. I’ve definitely enjoyed putting it together.