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That’s it. Now you know.

  • OK, you know about as much as I knew.
  • Long phrase, sounds difficult.
  • That’s what I thought.

Should I take a class in  Search Engine Optimization?

  • When someone searches Google for an “artist who paints portraits” –  will my website be listed ?
  • When they do the search will my website be listed on Page 1?
  • Getting to Page 1 is the goal.
  • Learning how to get onto Page 1 is why I needed the SEO class.

Friends help…that’s why I’m telling you.

  • My friend said she had enrolled in a FREE webinar on the Top 10 FREE Tools for SEO
  • I have this great website, do lots of blogging, and don’t know how to get more people to my website
  • Bottomline…FREE SEO TOOLS is what got me.
  • PLAN…I can get to Page 1 doing the work by myself.

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  • I signed up
  • Took the class
  • Was completely impressed.
  • Now I had the basic tools, and didn’t really know how to use them.
  • Then I read this on the JM Internet Group Website https://www.jm-seo.org/training/index.html

Getting to the top of Google is a key marketing objective for most businesses and marketers. That’s what Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO,” is all about. Our online courses offer hands-on, step-by-step instructions on how to get to the top of Google for businesses and marketers.

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I phoned, spoke with Jason McDonald, and asked my real question… “If I, Jackie Jacobson, take your class will my name come up on top of the list… if people search Google for.artist?  If I search Google for the word artist, there are about 301,000,000 for artist in that search result. That’s definitely a bunch of competition! Can I get listed on page 1, or even page 2 of that search after I take your class?

Jason’s answer was perfect. He said, ” probably not, but if you focus on your niche market, then the answer is yes.”  I didn’t even know I had a niche market. We spent some time talking and with his keen observation of my website…

 I now know I have niche markets!

  • paint custom pet portraits
  • paint custom people portraits from photos
  • do custom greeting cards
  • offer unique coaster art tiles
  • oh yes, and I sell canvas art prints of my paintings.  

The next step was easy. I signed up here. 

I spent 7 incredible days learning:

  • keywords
  • page tags
  • link strategies
  • news
  • google rank
  • website structure
  • metrics

YES… I will get to the top of Google. Keep watching my website change. I do a little each day, something like remodeling a house, and in the end…My house will be state of the art. Thanks to Jason McDonald and the JM Internet Group 🙂 

Do you have a website that needs recognition?

I strongly suggest you take the next Free class.  Sign up here, and let me know what you think.

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