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[Decorating Ideas] Walls

Wall Decorating Ideas and Tips

No Matter What Your Decorating Style


Tile Mural - Bamboo

Tile Mural • Bamboo Leaves • © Jacobson



“How do I decorate my walls?” sends some people into a panic

After selecting the furnishings and accessories for a room or space, wall decorations can complete the look in a spectacular way.

No need to stress out over wall decor…just follow this process and the ideas presented here…you’ll be fine!

Poppy - Canvas Art

Canvas Print • Perfect for the Bedroom • © Jacobson

3 Tips for Adding Wall Decor


Wall Decorating Ideas : Tip 1  make sure that your walls themselves are in order.

Do they need …

some color?

decorative trim such as crown molding?

practical trim such as shoe molding?

a really good cleaning?

Take a good long look and make sure your walls are ready for those decorations..

Wall Decorating Ideas : Tip 2 – have a good sense of your decorating style for this space

For example, if contemporary home decor speaks to you, then you will definitely utilize the ‘less is more’ strategy for your wall decor.

You might select one dramatic piece of art for the focal point wall in the room.

“It doesn’t have to be an expensive original to be great. I do prints of my great original artwork!

Does traditional style more aptly define your lifestyle and preferences?

Your wall decor might include collections of pretty plates, floral prints and whitewashed wall vases with flowing greenery.

The point is, make sure that your wall decor is consistent with the rest of your room and home.

Wall Decorating Ideas : Tip 3What is the function of the room itself?

This may seem obvious, but sometimes we get caught up in how much we adore a particular picture, for example, and forget about the space it is going into.

If your wall decorating ideas are for the kitchen, for example, make sure they are appropriate for the space.

Just make sure that your selection is compatible with the room function, fits the color palette for the space as well as the decorating style you have chosen.

Tips for placement of your wall decorations:

1. Please, please don’t ‘hang ’em high’!

You and your guests should not have to look toward the ceiling to see the awesome artwork in the living room.

Place your artwork, collectibles, photos, etc. just a shade above eye level for the average height adult.

2. Take your artwork and hang it lower than stated in tip #1 and you can create a number of different and unique looks.

For example, if you have a nightstand in the bedroom with a lamp on it, hang your picture so that the bottom of the artwork is about 3 to 4 inches below the top of, and to the side of, the lamp. By doing this you are creating a visual tie between the artwork, the lamp and the table.

A collection of four prints, for example, can create a border above in a multi-surface area.

Try this as a ‘headboard’ in your guest bedroom!

Coasters - Seashells

SeaShells • Collection • © Jacobson

3. Too much adornment on the walls • Makes you dizzy to look at them?

You don’t have to, and should not, place something on every inch of open wall space in your home.

The result is a cluttered and unappealing mess.

4. Do you like collections?

Use your imagination! If you have a large wall space that needs help, try using varying shapes and sizes of:

Mural - Tile Art- Plumeria

Plumeria • Tile Art Mural • ©Jacobson


  • mirrors
  • vintage picture frames (just the frames – work well on a wall with color)
  • wall tiles
  • wrought iron accents, or
  • frame recipes, favorite songs or hymns, children’s artwork, vintage hankies

Have fun with your new wall decorating ideas.

Call on me for ideas and help with your walls, art or color selections.


That’s my art! 🙂

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