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How to Design a Painting

Painting - Collage - Poppy

Poppy Bouquet Painting

“The art of arranging flowers was first documented in the 17th century, when the Dutch, in particular, painted wonderful informal arrangements of flowers…”

Painting –  Collage  – Design

Start with the Idea and Photos for Your Collage Painting

  1. To paint an arrangement of flowers in similar colors into a bouquet collage composition.
  2. This is really a “collage” even though I’m not gluing/pasting .
  3. I am assembling different forms into a collage painting.
  4. Start with inspiration photos, which I use for reference to do the painting

A Simple Plan for Your Collage

  1. Create a design idea -composition drawing of the shapes that I want to use.
  2. Paint images into that design idea layout

Composition – The Design Idea Drawing

Design Composition

Composition Design Idea

  1. The process I used here was to draw circles of varying sizes.
  2. I did about ten of these little design drawings
  3. I decided to use this plan of 6 shapes
  4. I still have the other nine plans to explore with future paintings.

Reference Photos

Inspiration Photos to Paint into the Collage of Shapes

The Painting Process

  1. I painted the focal point flower #1 (the star) larger than the plan
  2. I pushed #2 back further and really subdued its value
  3. I needed a bud somewhere so chose the upper left corner and lower left corner (with another flower)
  4. #4 became my next star (the supporting actor) of the collage
  5. Without the design plan – the composition idea for the painting, and a ton of  inspiration photos I would have been lost doing the collage.

So, there it is. How I do it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed moving through the design process of creating a collage. Painting is fun when you plan it and… the plan works.

Let me hear your thoughts.

Your comments are really appreciated.

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