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Are Plumeria on Your Favorite Flower List?

Art Pint - Plumeria

Plumeria I Square


  1. Plumeria is related to the Oleander
  2. It’s common name is Frangipani
  3. Both possess poisonous, milky sap (similar to Euphorbia among them the Poinsettia)
  4. Flowers are most fragrant at night in order to lure sphinx moths to pollinate them. The flowers have no nectar , and simply dupe their pollinators as they move from flower to flower in their fruitless search for nectar.

AND THE BIG NUMBER 5 It’s the flower most requested by people at my street fair booth.

Every week, without fail, I get asked, “Do you have a painting of Plumeria?“ And weekly for about 5 years, my answer was simply…No, but I will soon. Then last fall a couple bought 3 pieces of my artwork, which were all tropical in nature.

Of course she asked the famous question. And I promptly answered…no, but I will soon.

OK I finally did it. The painting…Plumeria I White. (I knew there were more in sight)


That became the next most often asked question. It didn’t take very long and then there was Plumeria III Pink.


Art Print - Plumeria

Plumeria III Square

Now there are a pair of Plumeria paintings and that’s just how people are buying them.

OK so you want to know … where is Plumeria II painting? That is another story, for another time.

Where Can I Buy Your Plumeria Prints?

How to make a Plumeria LEI

If you love Plumerias, then here’s what you need in order to make a Plumeria LEI

  • Jar of Vaseline
  • 6″ or 12″ Lei needle or…
  • ( 3″ or 4″ Upholstery needle, buy smallest Diameter.)
  • 4 to 8 Pound Fishing Line or strong thread.
  • 50 to 60 Plumeria Flowers
  • One 1 Gallon Ziplock bag
  • Measuring Tape

Now go to Plumeria 101 and learn to make a Lei Step by Step



Sunflower Meets Background

Sunflower V Square © Jacobson

Yellow Background


  • STEP 1 – Sunflower V Square
  • Painted in the photo realistic using airbrush
  • STEP 2 – Yellow Background
  • STEP 3 – Painting a selected area from SunflowerV into the Yellow Background
  •  STEP 4 – After completion I crop the new painting. I love to crop and find a exciting compositions. 
  •  Note the painting was completed  in the horizontal format of the background, and then cropped into a vertical format.
  • Sunflower VI is the first of many compositions that I intend to do using Sunflower V Square as my model.

Sunflower VI_Horiz


Sunflower VI _Vert





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