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Saturday and Sunday 7-noon

I’m taking the summer off to paint and will return October 2

MEET me at the COD Street Fair this weekend

I’m celebrating. For the first time in 9 years, I’m taking off 4 months from the Street Fair. It has been the weekend event in my life, and it has been wonderful. But this year, I said, “I need new paintings, and I can’t fit painting into my schedule. So I’m taking the summer off, painting and putting together a group of new canvas prints.”

To celebrate with my customers, I’ve decided that I’ll make it one of the best weekend events. People come to College of the Desert Street Fair for special shopping opportunities. And this year, they are finding it in our booth. I just don’t want to pack up all of the canvas prints for 4 months. They won’t be seen or enjoyed in our warehouse. So I’ve decided to sell all of the canvas prints at 50% off my regular prices. And I’ve been doing just that.


This last weekend, I will sell every last canvas print. What does that mean to you? I’m bringing all the canvas prints from my warehouse, and if you make me a respectable offer, I will take it. That’s right…I’m here to have fun and to see people leave with artwork they love at affordable, VERY AFFORDABLE, prices. Stop by the street fair booth this Saturday, May 29 or Sunday, May 30. Arrive early for a complete selection of my unique canvas prints and celebrate with me. You’ll find me at the street fair in Lot#2 – Space 75.


The Street Fair is located on the beautiful College of the Desert campus, Palm Desert, surrounded by date palms and mountain vistas. College of the Desert’s Street Fair is a great place to find holiday presents, birthday and anniversary gifts, and one-of-a-kind party favors.


  • Located at 43-500 Monterey Ave., Palm Desert , CA
  • 340 Vendors offering New Merchandise, Food Court, Arts and Crafts and Farmers Market
  • Open every Saturday and Sunday.
  • October through May, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • June through September, 7 a.m to Noon
  • Free Parking
  • Free Admission
  • Free Entertainment


  • Gotta go there! Sep 15, 2009 My  family and I have been to this street fair many times. It is always a new experience when we go there. Lots and lots of great deals to choose from. The food is to die for! The people are friendly and very helpful. You can bring your doggie too! Definetly a place to see.
  • Fun place for shopping! Jan 12, 2009It’s a must see. I enjoy this street fair and I come to visit once every season. Lots of sellers and lots to buy so bring a list or you end up buying what you don’t need. Lots of walking too so wear comfortable shoes. Come early to avoid crowds and parking gets full easily. Some parking are on dirt so don’t wear fancy shoes. Some vendors are always there but not all. It’s a lot of fun especially if you go with several people. I usually go with my girlfriends or sometimes I just go by mysellf. I like to come early when its cooler and less crowded. I highly recommend it but 90 min is my max
  • If your going for unique! Jan 12, 2010 I went in 2008 and found a ton of unique jewellery and clothing!! Some was a bit pricey but expect that in Palm Springs. Great golf gear too!! Definitely a must see when in Palm Springs!! The food was fantastic ….first time I had a tamales and they were great!


See the booth setup right here. Watch the setup and teardown. We do this daily, every weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. Now you’ll know why I need a rest from the street fair. It’s work but it’s fun.

Oh… and I get to do some shopping too. Yes, I do my shopping at the street fair. Great vendors, great fashion, great prices.

Alumni Support of College of the Desert: Funds raised by the COD Alumni Association memberships and the weekend Street Fair provide over $270,000 in student scholarships and financial aid per year and fund many other college programs and projects.  The Alumni Association has donated $8 million to College of the Desert for the Alumni Association Academic Enrichment Fund.  The Alumni Association has also established a second scholarship endowment fund and has raised over $600,000 for this purpose.  The Street Fair patronage enables the Alumni Association to continually support College of the Desert.

The best Open-air Street Fair!