Painting Revisits


How to Keep Coming up with New Ideas for Paintings

“Jackie I need two new paintings for my upstairs guest room.
Oh… And I need them soon…like next week
Oh…and I have almost every flower painting of yours, so I want something new
Oh…and I’d really like some blue…and maybe teal…and yellow…and white and….YIKES”



Georgia O’keefe did it many times. Revisit an old painting.

How do I keep coming up with new ideas?

I revisit older paintings

So here I go…

I started with 2 tea stain Gardenias that I painted in 2007.

Last year I repainted gardenia I.
And then Gardenia III.

Painting - Gardenia

Gardenia V Red – © Jacobson 2014

Last month I painted Gardenia Red …yes it’s a revisit of Gardenia III

AND then I did Gardenia Blue…not my favorite so back to the drawing board.

Well here they are Gardenia I and Gardenia III Teal.

I’ll paint her’s in Teal. It’s my favorite accent color, but now it will be my main color.

Here you go… you get a closer look.

Gardenia Teal

Painting - Gardenia

Gardenia I Teal © Jacobson 2014

Gardenia I Teal has a dark blue ground at the bottom and a teal at the top.

The flower petals are mostly white. This version is based on strong contrasts.

Painting - Gardenia

Gardenia III Teal © Jacobson 2014

Gardenia III Teal has a mid-toned bottom with the same teal at the top.

The flower petals are varied in colors and the entire piece is more mid-tones than strong contrast.

Time to Vote for your Favorite

So now you get to play collector and critic.

Which one do you prefer?

It’s Time to vote for your favorite.

Just type Gardenia I or Gardenia III

The voting place is in the comment area below.

I really appreciate your vote and your thoughts. It helps with future projects.

Again thanks so much for being here. I’ll be back again next week with more art ideas and thoughts. Til then…have a good one.

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