While it’s true that serving charcuterie can be expensive, you shouldn’t let the cost deter you from trying out the trend. You’ll want your charcuterie board to include not just meats, but also cheeses, spreads, olives, and dried fruit.

To save money, you should raid your own kitchen cabinets before heading to the store. “Chances are, you probably already have a lot of ingredients on hand,”  Specifically, your budget charcuterie board can make the most of pickles and olives from the fridge, as well as condiments like mustards and jams. If you have any dried fruits and nuts, those can also be added to your board, along with all kinds of crackers.

Now to the charcuterie board itself.


Sanitary: Glass charcuterie boards have a non-porous surface, meaning no residue of the food cut remains after cleaning. The non-porous surface also hates the growth of bacteria that may grow in cracks or pores of other types of cutting boards.

Easy to clean: Glass boards should be Hand Washed only. Clean cutting boards with soap and water. No harsh chemicals are necessary.

Beautiful as displays in your kitchen: Wine themed, boho designed, and floral glass charcuterie boards are beautiful and elegant. Use glass boards for food preparation and then use them proudly to serve.

Odorless and stainless: Glass  boards hate bacterial growth and do not absorb food juices. Therefore, they do not smell or get permanent stains on their surfaces.

Durable: Glass boards are made of durable tempered glass and can last up to 5 years. Their surfaces do not wear like other materials.

Affordable: Glass boards are affordable and are not as expensive as you would think.

Require little maintenance: Glass  boards require little maintenance. Unlike other types of charcuterie boards, you would not need any special routine to make them last longer.

Don’t store them: These boards are functional pieces of art. Keep them out on your countertop to add beauty to your cooking areas.


The high quality non-porous glass boards are made in our California studios, using dye sublimation printing.
– A heat press embeds the ink into a special coating on the backside of the board. Colors remain brilliant for years.
– Boards are ideal for slicing, dicing and mincing.   They are best when used to cut fruits, vegetables, cheese, breads and other food types that would not need excessive force.
– They are not ideal for choppingYou should chop on wood and cut on glass to save your knives.


– Charcuterie  Collection prints are exclusive paintings by Jackie Medow-Jacobson
– Unique kitchen gifts. Beautiful gifts for the kitchen chef.

– Keep a board next to the range as a spoon rest and next to the toaster. Serve toast to the table.
– Great gift for her or for him.
– These pieces of themed art and will keep the compliments coming from your guests.
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