Flower Arranging – Design Idea

Painting Techniques – Collage


Painting "Poppy Bouquet I Square"


“The art of arranging flowers was first documented in the 17th century, when the Dutch, in particular, painted wonderful informal arrangements of flowers…”


  1. To paint an arrangement of flowers in similar colors into a bouquet composition. A  “collage” even though I’m not gluing/pasting . I am assembling different forms.
  2. Start with inspiration photos, which I use for reference to do the painting


  1. Create a design idea – drawing of the shapes that I want to use.
  2. Paint images into that design idea layout


Composition Design Idea



  1. I painted the focal point flower #1 (the star)  larger than the plan
  2. I pushed #2 back further and really subdued its value
  3. I needed a bud somewhere so chose the upper left corner and lower left corner (with another flower)
  4. #4 became my next star (the supporting actor)
  5. I would have been lost without the design plan idea, and a lot of inspirational photos.

So, there it is. I hope you’ve enjoyed moving through the design idea process to create a collage painting. Let me hear your thoughts. Thank you.

Sunflower Meets Background

Sunflower Painting Process in 7 Steps

Painting Demo – The Rose


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