Melted Crayons


with Melted Crayons

 I think this looks like so much fun, that I had to share it on the blog this week. Enjoy reading and if you do one, share with us please. I’ll try to do one next week. 

Jackie-Jacobson- artist

Jacobson - Paintings.

Has anyone seen these melted crayons paintings people have been doing? I know they’ve been around for a while but lately I’ve seen quite a lot of them popping up on Pinterest. Most of them involve gluing crayons to the top of canvas and melting them with a hairdryer to form stripes of colour but I did find this one that shows using them to create more of a watercolour effect. I’ve had this canvas lying around for a good six months waiting for me to something with it. This seemed like the perfect project.

Jacobson - Paintings

Things you’ll need for the painting.

A canvas.
An embossing heat gun (a hair dryer would also work but be careful as it blows the wax around and creates more of a splattered effect).
A newspaper to protect your floor.
A pack of crayons and a fork to stab them with so you don’t burn your fingers.

Jacobson - Painting

Start by selecting your colours and peeling the crayon.
Next sketch in where you want all the main colours and shapes to go.
Now for the fun part. Start melting your crayon. Stab the crayon with a fork and follow along with your heat gun or hair drier. Be careful, the wax does get hot.
Block in the larger areas by turning the crayons on their side as you melt them. I found the paler colours worked best as a base as the darker colours were more pigmented.
Keep adding more melted crayon layers until you’re happy with the finished result.

Paint abstract art with melted crayons.

Jacobson - Paint -abstract- art

I loved how easy this was. The whole thing only took a couple of hours as there was no waiting around for the previous layer to dry before you started on the next one.

Here’s a close-up of the layers and textures.

Close-up - abstract - art

Abstract art painted with melted crayons.

All finished. I loved making this. This one is going to be a present so I’ll be making another for myself.

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