I’ve Retired

I did it!

COD Street Fair closed March 8, 2020

I definitely needed to show my art somewhere, so on January 1, 2021, I opened an Etsy shop. Of course I took a class on how to do that, and voila…here’s my Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JackieJacobsonArt

It is amazing how Etsy works. There are currently 3.14 million active sellers on the Etsy website. In my second week on Etsy I received an order. That is truly amazing. And the orders kept coming in. When I reached 100 sales, Etsy made me a top gift seller.

I also created a new website where I’ve listed the best sellers from my Etsy shop, and where I can offer my email friends special discounts, new introductions, and fun stories. Check it out here: https//:jackiejacobson.com

Then came the email last week, that the COD street fair will reopen in January 2022. Now I had to make a big decision. Do I want to wake up at 3:20 AM every Saturday and Sunday and work till 3:00 PM? I decided that it’s time to retire from that schedule. 

So if you’re in the Palm Springs area, please give me a call. My studio is open by appointment where I have all my artworks available for purchase at Special Street Fair Prices.  If you’re not in town, but have items that you’d really like, give me a call. I’ll definitely save you some money, and can now ship anywhere.

I’ve Retired from Street Fairs. YEAH!