Illusory Paintings

Impressive Illusory Paintings

That You’ll Want To See Twice

” I struggle to paint one image per canvas. Here’s a very interesting artist who is able to paint optical  illusions.

Enjoy exploring these images and be sure to click to the website to see more paintings by Shuplyak”

Jackie-Jacobson- artist

Artcle by Ebrian Acebedo

Jacobson - Painting - Illusory Paintings


Are you in for a deceptive art? Then we have a treat for you. Let’s take a break in digital age and backtrack to the era of traditional painting. Here you’re about to see a collection of oil paintings that will boggle your mind. Taken to a different level, these paintings are created with optical illusions that will make you see ‘extra faces’ aside from the original image.

The artworks you’re about to witness are creations of Oleg Shuplyak , A Ukrainian artist who mastered mixing illusory images to his scenic oil paintings. He was born on September 23, 1967, then studied architecture as a profession, though painting was his life’s fervor. By expertly placing objects, characters and colors, he is able to create famous faces of remarkable people such as John Lennon, Uncle Sam, Jesus, etc. in an amalgamated form.

Jacobson - Paintngs - Illusory Painting

With this style of painting, it is hard for the artist to balance the weight of the two images. As you can observe, the artist counter twists our expectation as he makes the second image more perceivable, making it harder to see through the original image. Enough talk, its time we present below the amazing masterpieces that will puzzle your eyes. Come, take a peek, and be mind-blown!

Jacobson - Paintings - Illusory Painting

Check out Oleg Shuplyak on his gallery. You can share what you think on his extraordinary illusory works by leaving a comment below.


As proven time and again, there is more than what the eyes can perceive. As with these paintings, at times it would help to look closer or further to see the picture we’re looking for. Who knows what amazing surprises awaits to unfold when we see things in different perspective. Hey! Have something in mind related to web design, freelancing, and other awesome stuff? Let us know and maybe we’ll feature it on our next post. All your comments and opinions are appreciated. Let us hear em up in the comment box. Thank you and see you again mate!

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