Hang Pictures #2

 Wall Decorating Ideas

Precise Rules for Hanging Pictures

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It’s not uncommon to see people who have a lot of art who don’t know how to hang it.

Yes, the Wall Art is beautiful, but the way it’s hung takes away from both the art and its surroundings.

So here’s a few simple rules. Follow them, and you’ll get oohs and ahhs from every visitor.

Hanging Pictures – Rule 1 – Aim to have a painting occupy two-thirds to three-quarters of a wall.

wall decorating

Nashville Interior Designer Beckwith Interiors

Large walls occupied by postage-stamp sized pieces result in art that loses its potential impact.

Rule 2 – Keep your art centered at eye level.

Keeping the art at this height makes it easier for the viewer to appreciate the painting.

Take into account whether you will be sitting or standing when you view a piece. This painting hangs a little lower because it’s in a dining room where it will be seen when sitting.

Rule 3 – Picture Arranging Ideas  The bottom edge of a piece should hang no higher than 6 to 12 inches above the furniture.


by New York Interior Designer Glenn Gissler Design

The idea is that the painting helps define the space. If it floats too high above furniture it will feel disconnected. If it sits lower, it will help tie together a furniture grouping. Here’s where the 57” rule applies.


 Rule 4 – Create a gallery wall tied together by colors, theme or materials.

Gallery -  Art

New York Interior Designer Thom Filicia Inc.

Taupe, beige and sepia tones come together to create a gallery wall that feels very integrated.


 Rule 5 – Make art the inspiration for the entire room. 

decorating walls

Atlanta Interior Designer Christy Dillard Kratzer

Deep brown and reds were used as a starting point to design the rest of the room, to great success.



Wall decorating

Dahlia I • Rose XXX • Dahlia Bouquet © Jacobson 2013

Yes I like to start with the artwork and then create the rest of the room. But that’s not always possible, so choose art that makes you feel good in Your Room.
If you feel good with the artwork…so will your guests.

Hang Art

Hang Pictures – Eye Level • Dahlia I Painting ©Jacobson 2013

Rotate Your Art. That’s all it takes to redecorate and make your home feel new.
Think seasons and change your room by changing where the art is hanging.
When you move the art, it will look entirely new to you. And your home will feel new too.
I hope you enjoyed this article, learned something new and that you’re inspired to move around some of your art pieces.

Please leave your comment below. I love hearing your thoughts and ideas.



Here’s a video that got great reviews.
It’s always hard to know just how to hang those pictures
Well now you will.
How High to Hang you Artwork?


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