Friday Feature Bonus- Bamboo Art Print


Canvas Art Print - Bamboo

Bamboo Leaves V Square

NEW this week…

Announcing …  “Bamboo Leaves”  canvas art prints just added to Recent Work

Canvas Art Print - Bamboo

Bamboo Leaves IV Long - Canvas Print

Bamboo has become a popular element in today’s home decor. And at the same time, my bamboo art prints are enjoying much attention among collectors. This week I’m adding two new sizes to the group of Bamboo paintings by artist Jackie Jacobson (that would be me) 🙂

  • Bamboo Leaves IV Long is a horizontal canvas art piece, that is perfect for over a bed, dresser, buffet or sofa; available in two canvas print sizes 16″x30″ | 20″x40″
  • Bamboo Leaves V Square is a square canvas art piece, that is perfect for any location; available in three canvas print sizes 20″x20″ | 30″x30″ | 40″x40″
  • Each limited edition giclee print on canvas is individually created by artist…Jackie Jacobson. They are archival museum quality & are created from Jackie Jacobson’s original paintings. Every print is numbered & hand-signed by Jackie Jacobson and has a UV & water- resistant coating! No glass is necessary. Editions are 99 of each size. All canvas giclee prints on this site are archival prints. That means that the print was created with only the highest quality pigmented archival inks. Pigmented inks are the only inks on the market that will last your lifetime.


Select your favorites Bamboo Art PrintFree Shipping on any Bamboo Canvas art pieces purchased this week. Special good thru 5/6/10.

More About Bamboo…

Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. In a single day, a bamboo plant can grow an average of up to  23.6 inches, and certain species have been measured to grow as much as  47.6 inches in one 24-hour period. However, bamboo is not a type of wood, but a type of grass. It grows most abundantly in the East and Southeast Asian regions of the world, but it can also be found in Northern Australia, India, sub-Saharan Africa and the tropical regions of the Americas.

Aside from being used as building material for many centuries bamboo has also had major cultural significance in countries like China, where bamboo is a symbol of longevity. Japan’s Shinto religion makes use of bamboo as a sacred object. Bamboo forests often surround Shinto shrines and are believed to serve as barriers against evil spirits. Buddhist temples often have bamboo groves, as they create a peaceful and meditative setting.

Bamboo Growth and Harvesting

Bamboo has become a popular eco-friendly alternative to using hardwood as building material. Because of its rapid growth and short life-cycle, bamboo is one of the most renewable natural resources in the world, and it can be harvested on a regular basis without causing significant damage to its surrounding ecosystem.

Unlike hardwoods, bamboo plants achieve their full height and girth in just one growing season, which lasts between three and four months.

Uses of Bamboo

Bamboo has a wide variety of uses. From construction to cooking, it has been a part of human culture and consumption for centuries. Another very common use for bamboo today is as a decorative tool. Small bamboo plants are becoming very popular in western interior design, and Asian cultures have been using it to decorate rooms and altars for centuries.