Drawing from the Model…The Windows Series

Window III Sepia ©2009 Jacobson

Window III Sepia ©2009 Jacobson


Drawings from the Model

The series titled “Windows” are views through a window. The models are wearing these elaborate hats in all 12 pieces of the series. My objective was to capture the emotion that I could see in their eyes, as I examined both external beauty and internal feelings.

Windows IV ©2009 Jacobson.

Windows IV, Charcoal ©2009 Jacobson.


Windows I  charcoal & pastel  ©2009 Jacobson.

Windows I, charcoal & pastel ©2009 Jacobson.

Working with live  models, each drawing took approximately 3 hours, and were done on 12 different days. I used grey and natural 30×40 charcoal boards. The mediums were charcoal, pastel, and charcoal pencil.

The three images shown above, are from the series and each was done using a different medium, in the traditional method of hand to paper.  Prints on canvas or paper are available.

This is part of the continuing series of Drawing from the Model. If you missed last week’s session see it here. Return next week for another drawing from the model session.


The Natural Way to Draw - Nicolaides

The Natural Way to Draw - Nicolaides


Another wonderful book for your reference library. This is the book I used when in school and learning to draw. Get it from Amazon here.

My review…GREAT. A masterpiece.

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