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Self Portrait (cropped) ©2009 Jacobson.

Self Portrait ©2009 Jacobson.

The model didn’t show today

This is a frequent occurrence at figure drawing sessions. You’re all setup and ready to draw. The model is a no show. What to do. Grab a hand, wall, or any other mirror. Go for it. You always have a model available.

Today I’ll show you the process I used in this situation.

I spent about an hour doing an abstract ground to draw on.

  • Each stage is saved (the advantage of digital painting)
  • Check out the changes as I moved along on the ground

My line drawing self-portrait was done with a medium sized brush and gouache paint.

  • My final step was to lighten the painting.



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Click the BACK AND NEXT arrows to see the version changes.


I now have a group of underpaintings ready for workshops and drawing sessions. This is a wonderful exercise in ” drawing from the model.” Any model will do. Grab a pet, a pear or a mirror. Life figure drawing becomes more fun than work.

For your reference Library 

The Art of Portrait Drawing by Joy Thomas. I think that the visuals and how to’s are excellent.

 Get it from Amazon 

Portrait Drawing  Thomas

   Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.   – Edgar Degas.


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