Drawing from the Model – 60 Minutes

Weekly Life Figure Drawing Series

Meet Model PB

Model PB  Final Drawing ©2009 Jacobson.

Model PB Final Drawing ©2009 Jacobson.

Sketching Process – 60 minutes Pose

I start with a 15 minute block-in quick sketch.

Art Materials Used

The Paper: White charcoal paper. When doing traditional drawing I use Canson Ingres paper with a laid finish. ( I was trained in the old masters style and that was their paper of choice)
The Top 10 charcoal and Pastel Papers are listed here. I’ve used most of them in the past 46 years. Find your favorites.

The Media:

  • Blunt Soft Pastel 40
  • Soft Charcoal Pencil 7
  • Pointed Blender Stump 30
  • Grainy Water Blender

  • NOTE: NO ERASER IS USED- When I want to change something I draw with the color of the paper to make the changes.

Here’s the progression of the 60 minute drawing session. USE PIC LENS FOR BEST VIEWING and start with Drawing 01 Block-in

Reminder: I am using Painter 11 and doing all of this drawing digitally. There is no difference for me between doing this directly on paper, or directly on my Wacom Cintique. It’s my hand that is drawing.

Set a timer and join in. Meet you here same time next week.

I’d love to see your drawings. Email me for critiques and conversation at jackiejart@aol.com


Model S – Quick Sketches

No Model Showed – Self Portrait

Live Model C – Portrait