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By Marina Klima Goldberg

Jacobson - Decorating Ideas - Black and White

Every year I get excited right after the New York Fashion Week as I visit different locations and watch the fashion shows in giddy fascination. Now, when it is over, I feel inspired and just want to reflect on this fabulous event.

In the past interior design always followed fashion, as major design trends were inspired by the new and young energy of the runways. But I think that this year it was even more about effortless intersection of art, design and fashion.

I was fascinated by the exploration of black and white, a color combination that is more versatile than any other. Black and white can be contemporary or traditional, minimal or over-the-top, sleek or rough, moody or refined, orderly and liberating, witty or stark and sterile, timeless or trendy.

Even though there are unlimited interpretations or patterns and styles within black and white color schemes, I decided to share with you some of my observations that unmistakably draw a parallel line between fashion and design. I would like to encourage you to use black and white, either as accents for your home or major design elements.
Here they are:

black white and yellow

Sarah Sarna

Go for bight accent pillows in black and white rooms. They will emphasize high energy of the room. Stick to one bright color, such as yellow if you still want to get a clean and uncluttered look. Use only a few objects that are related in proportion to each other. For example, use larger throw, smaller pillow and very small, delicate flowers in a vase. This will give your room both, clarity and warmth.

black, flowers and polka

Jacobson – Decorating with Black and White

For a young fashionista, don’t be afraid to play with patterns when you decorate with black and white. Polka dots, stripes and floral patterns will look adorable in a room of a young girl where pattern-on-pattern is a desired look. Infuse bright colors, but just remember to keep elements in proportion and/ or relationships. Her friends will be super jealous!

black, red and white

Jacobson – Decorating with Red, Black and White

Braxton Culler
Use a bright backdrop for a black and white room. It can be an accent wall painted in any primary color, such as red, yellow or blue. If these colors are not appealing to you, use hot pink, cobalt blue or aquamarine.

Mickey and Mod Cloth

Jacobson – Home Decorating

Mickey, Peter Newman- Photographer best four- legged- friend. Bedding- Mod Cloth

Make a statement in your room with black and white bedding. Don’t be limited by just stripes and geometric shapes. Show your sense of humor and personality. Passionate about your four-legged friends? Express yourself!

Jacobson - Decorating with Dots

Ferm Living

Use simple wall decals, such as little dots to transform a plain wall. They are fun, but if you get tired of them, they can be so easily removed!

Jacobson Decorating with gold and black

JLA Home

If bright yellow accessories are too much for your taste, use gold accents for your black and white bedding. They will make your bedroom look equally luxurious and fresh.

Jacobson - Decorating  - door with studs
Include interesting details that transform ordinary objects. Use nail heads and trim to contribute to your desired look. Play with masculine and feminine elements to create balance.

I am sure that you heard it many times that less is more. Even though I am not a big fan of this cliché, when you decorate with black and white, it may be relevant. A clever application of a bright-colored detail within the context of a black and white object will entirely transform it by creating visual focus. The smaller the detail, the more interesting it will look.

 Jacobson - Decorating with plaid black and white

JF Fabrics

If you desire clarity and purity that is rooted in tradition, use wallpaper with familiar pattern that is stripped to the bones of the graphic detail. Black and white of different intensity will help make a reference to a well known and articulated style. Pair the wallpaper with black and white furnishings to accentuate your design.

Accessorize and accentuate with black and white stripes. With easy paint application you can transform a plain white vase into a conversation piece that will a smile on your guests’ faces.

JACOBSON - Design with pin stripe

My Design Dump

If you decide to use black and white stripes on the draperies, remember that thin stripes tend to be subtle and timeless, while wider stripes contribute to a bolder look.

Jacobson - Decorating Ideas

Unexpected application of familiar patterns on small objects is always refreshing. Surprise your guests with black and white tea party. Invite them for desert and serve in style. Quirky stripes on curves create intrigue. Add pretty cupcakes or ice cream! Yummy!

If you decided on a black and white room, either a bathrooms, a living room or a foyer, remember that it requires uncluttered approach with minimum accessories. So, if you want to play it safe with black and white, remove all the extra objects and keep the room extra clean. You may also want to check my previous post on white rooms ideas here.

Now your turn. Have you ever tried to decorate with black and white? What’s your story?

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