Artist’s Statement

jackie jacobson artist

Meet the artist…Jackie Medow Jacobson

The comments often heard about my recent paintings are, “What are they? Are they real? I think I can smell them!”

The subject is the flower and exploding it gets it noticed.

I am most inspired by bold flowers. Exploring the similarity of the shapes and forms to human form, gives me the opportunity to show the world a view that usually goes unnoticed. Combining the newest digital mediums and my expertise with traditional mediums helps me to create images with a WOW.

Having had years of classical training and experience in traditional figure drawing and painting, I wondered how I could approach my artwork in a more contemporary manner. Moving away from the familiar subject of the figure, I choose to zoom into familiar objects and do portraits of what most people don’t see.

I think viewers are most interested in my technique. This blog is an Open Studio tour for collectors, supporters and friends. It is how I bring the curious to my studio and where I demonstrate the process and materials that I use in my present work. Of course, everyone is always welcome to join me here in Indio, California and play with my materials and equipment.

Thanks for your interest