Home Decorating Ideas: Mirrors

Home Decorating Ideas Mirrors and Light  Interior Designer – Michelle Workman Interiors Using Mirrors to Amplify Space and Light in Your Home It all can boil down to the use of mirrors. Increasing the space in any home without having to undergo major renovations can be a trying task for any homeowner. But there are ways […]

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[Creative Tips] 3 for Easier Living

[Creative Tips] For Easier Living   [Creative Tips 1] Speak a Foreign Language       ¿No habla español? No problem. You don’t need to complete a six-month course of elementary Spanish to make your way in Madrid. “Get a little pocket language book, and instead of attempting to learn the language, learn a few […]

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[Artists] Sultani – Realistic Drawing with Salt

Meet the Artist Realistic Drawing with Salt • Bashir Sultani The Internet is a massive nest of fan art. But few pieces of fan art are as impressive as the realistic drawing of Bashir Sultani. He crafts elaborate images of icons like Darth Vader and Albert Einstein … using nothing but table salt. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgiJw8T6pOQ?rel=0] […]

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