Edward & Jo Hopper

EDWARD HOPPER JO HOPPER – Collaborator and His Wife Today’s audio is a Wiki Speaks article about Nighthawks (below) Simply put, the article on Wikipedia is being vocalized. It’s interesting and I’ll find out more about it and share as I learn. For today, enjoy learning  about Edward Hopper and his wife Jo . They’re […]

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Performing Artists | Talent

The Art Blog The Passion and Talent of Anthony Hopkins  and Tony Bennett This Week on the Art Blog Two Art Videos with Two Tonys You get to see and hear “And The Waltz Goes On”  by and with composer Anthony Hopkins You get to watch the ROSIE interview of Tony Bennett in his studio […]

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Art Videos – Two Tonys | Talent

Talent and Passion Passion • Painting Question I get asked all of the time “Were You Born with Talent?” And here’s my answer. I was born with passion. Now I’ve learned that most successful artists have passion. And not just the talents they’re famous for. The Passions of Anthony Hopkins  and Tony Bennett So today you’re […]

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