NBM Trade Show

Fine Art Printing   The NBM Trade Show   [leadplayer_vid id=”51EC4EE801F0E”] I usually hate trade shows. But I do go to two every year. One show sells art, and this show sells fine art printing materials and supplies. So I’ve decided to share the event with you. We’re in the Long Beach Convention Center and it’s […]

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[Decorating Ideas] Walls

Wall Decorating Ideas and Tips No Matter What Your Decorating Style       “How do I decorate my walls?” sends some people into a panic After selecting the furnishings and accessories for a room or space, wall decorations can complete the look in a spectacular way. No need to stress out over wall decor…just […]

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Rose White – Art Print

“Rose White” by artist Jackie Jacobson. I spent a year looking for the perfect White Rose to inspire me to do a painting. I bought white Roses, and none of them did it for me. Then I was sitting on a park bench, waiting for a friend, and right there on my right…The perfect White […]

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Bamboo Leaves V – Art Print

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BAMBOO LEAVES painting by artist Jackie Jacobson. Simple and green. Think green today and you think Bamboo. Bamboo has become a popular element in today’s home design. You’ll find it in furniture, rugs, bedding, and more. What I found interesting when I painted this portrait of Bamboo, is that each piece is unique and original. […]

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Sunflower V – Art Print

SUNFLOWER V SQUARE is the painting that makes everyone smile. Can you look at a Sunflower without smiling? I love painting Sunflowers. They do make me smile, and so every year I try to paint at least one new Portrait of a Sunflower. This years art print is from the Watercolor Group of art prints […]

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