Watercolor Painting AgnesCecile

WATERCOLOR Speed Painting by Agnes-Cecile “People say that watercolor is the most difficult, the most unforgiving, and that it can’t be changed. All of these facts may be true, but watching Agnes-Cecile do this portrait with watercolor, you see the process differently. Wet, very wet, direct, brushstroke by brushstroke, deliberate, is how I describe painting […]

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Pissarro – Montmartre

PISSARRO Boulevard Montmartre “Pissarro portrayed the Boulevard Montmartre in sun, mist and rain, in night and day, quiet and bustling with activity, including a parade. Article by Charley Parker July 8, 2012 Boulevard Montmartre Paintings by Pissarro Pissarro and the Grande Hotel After painting in the French countryside for several years in the late 1800’s, […]

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How to Remember Your Vacation

VACATION JOURNAL How to Remember Your Vacation Keep a Daily Journal/Sketchbook No you don’t have to be a writer No you don’t have to be an artist You have to have fun creating great memories. What do You Need?     Something(s) to write or color with. Something to write in. A cell phone or […]

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