Holiday images

Xmas Party Photos The Table and More Creatively Stack the Drink Coasters. Eva did it! Clever Idea. I’m stealing it for my displays. 🙂 Oh…Eva did the party too. Bravo Eva! Amber made this Centerpiece. And how about …These Festive Shoes.

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Marilyn Monroe Painting

Painting Video : Painting Marilyn Monroe Watch this Video Demo • Voka paints Marilyn Marilyn Monroe The subject of movies, videos and paintings. Watching a demonstration of how a painting is painted…that’s special. Well…here it is. Marilyn Monroe Spontaneous painting. Here’s my tour through the Voka process and the points of interest. At…00:16 The background […]

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Home Decorating Ideas – Thanksgiving

Home Decorating Ideas The Thanksgiving Table   How to Serve a Thanksgiving Buffet VIDEO: CLICK TO WATCH There are several ways to serve a Thanksgiving meal. While some prefer traditional family style dining, in this video, Williams-Sonoma product expert Katie will show you how to serve a Thanksgiving buffet. In order to serve a […]

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5 Tips for the Beginner Photographer

5 Tips for the Beginner Photographer Or … A Reminder for the Experienced!   1. Beginner Photographer – Photo Tips “Don’t go crazy buying the most expensive equipment.” It’s possible to get very nice photos with an inexpensive point and shoot. The more photos you take, the more you’ll know about what kind of camera […]

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Lotus Flower – Coasters – Tile Art

Thumbnail image for Lotus Flower – Coasters – Tile Art

“Lotus Flower” painting by artist Jackie Jacobson is transformed into beautiful ceramic tile coasters. Lotus have made their way to the tile art coasters. Waterlilies are the perfect subject for a Jackie Jacobson painting. Lotus Flower, has been added to Tile Art coasters for home or office. “I love hanging out at water gardens. This […]

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