Holiday images

Xmas Party Photos The Table and More Creatively Stack the Drink Coasters. Eva did it! Clever Idea. I’m stealing it for my displays. 🙂 Oh…Eva did the party too. Bravo Eva! Amber made this Centerpiece. And how about …These Festive Shoes.

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Matisse – Chapelle

HENRI MATISSE CHAPELLE DU ROSAIRE DES DOMINICANES DE VENCE “ Continuing with the weeks focus on Chapels… from a Master of Color… the Light of Faith. A visit to Vence and the Henri Matisse Chapel. In this video we learn about Matisse and the Chapel project. Enjoy! Article By E.A. CARMEAN JR.     The […]

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New Artwork Added

Flowers Everywhere I spent this summer at home, in the studio…Painting. That is the best vacation any artist can have. I’ve always admired still life paintings. Still Life This genre flourished particularly among Dutch painters of the seventeenth century, and the term itself originated in the Dutch language as “” and “”. Jean Chardin (French, 1699-1769) is […]

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