Original Artwork – Catalog

Drawing - Charcoal and Pastel

Windows I – Drawing – Charcoal and Pastel


Catalog … giclee prints of drawings available for purchase.

Painting - Portrait

Windows I – Drawing – Charcoal and Pastel


Catalog … giclee prints of paintings available for purchase.

This catalog includes paintings done over the many years of artist Jackie Jacobson’s art career.
The majority of the original art pieces are in corporate and private collections.

Original drawings and painting are available by commission only.

Commission an Original Painting

Phone Jackie Jacobson at 760.831.1190 for a studio appointment to discuss commissioning an original painting or drawing.


Purchase Giclee Prints

All drawings and painting pictured in this catalog are available as giclee prints. For purchase information on prints of prints in this catalog call the studio at 760.831.1190.
Painting - Portrait

Marilyn II • 30″x30″ Canvas