What Was Your Best Decision of 2012?

Mine was About Time

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The best decision I made in 2012 was to evaluate how I was using my time with the Art Blog

Time … my most valuable gift, and how was I using it?

I believe in sharing what I know and inspiring others.

So I was using 18 hours a week in writing blog posts and making videos.

And another 5 hours in a wrap up video and mailing.

I knew I needed to change something, but I was too determined to make any change.

I paid for it dearly with frustration and burnout.

Finally …What change did I make before 2012 came to an end. 

Just a big one really. (Time Saving ideas from Real Simple)

My Time Saving Idea…

I stopped posting 3 times a week to the blog (I only post once or twice and they’re good ones) and I stopped doing the The Weekly Blog Wrap-up.

What a change that made for me.

Painting - Marilyn Monroe

” Marilyn II ” © Jacobson 2012

I now have much more time to paint, and I’m RELAXED.

Sooo, the Blog is still happening, because that’s what you’re reading right now.

I’m still making videos, but only one every two weeks.

The Art Blog is still there for you.

Hopefully it will educate, inform and inspire you.


Art Blog

Home Page Link to the Art Blog

  1. I’ve put a link on the home page http://www.jackiejacobson.com
  2.  just click and you’ll find all the articles.
  3. Catch up once a week and let me hear from you.

Deep Thought

What was your best decision of 2012?

What made your life run more smoothly?

What made you sleep better?


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