8 Books You Should Own

Do you teach? That’s a question I’m asked weekly.

My answer: Only on my blog. But…I learned some of what I know from these artists and their books. Each one is a great teacher!

Why did these books make my favorite list? 

  1. If you’re wanting to make art…read on.
  2. If you wanting  to awaken the lost artist within…read on.
  3. If you’re making art…read on.


These books helped me grow artistically. They’ll help you too.

1. Painter 11 Creativity: Digital Artists Handbook – Jeremy Sutton 2009

This is Jeremy Sutton’s newest book, and in my opinion his best to date. I learned what I know about digital painting from Jeremy’s books and DVD’s, and this one is no exception. With each book he writes I learn more from a Corel Painter Master.“From the basic set-up to advanced techniques, this book offers succinct and inspirational guidance.”  Bruce H Dorn, Photographer and Painter Master. Check it out now.

2. The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron 2002 – A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity [10th Anniversary Edition] (Paperback)

I did this 12 week course, and I can honestly say that it helped me change my life.  I discovered and recovered my creative self.  Check it out now.

3. I’d Rather be in the Studio – Alyson B. Stanfield (Paperback – Feb 3, 2008)

Making art is my passion. As an artist, I never wanted to think about the business of art. Then I realized that this is my career and the idea of self promotion and art-marketing are skills I needed to learn. Meet the master of those principles. She’s helped me make my blog an interesting place to visit. My goal was to have a bigger audience. I have that and more. Check it out now.

4. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain – Betty Edwards

I used this book when I was teaching. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs help with beginning to draw. You will learn to turn off that voice (the critic within) and really see what is there. Easy learning and you’ll amaze yourself with your new skills.  Check it out now.

5. The Natural Way to Draw: A Working Plan for Art Study – Kimon Nicolaides (Paperback – Feb 1, 1990)

Learn to draw the human figure, the natural way. A book that teaches the practice of figure drawing in the old master tradition. I used these principles, followed the schedules, and learned the human anatomy and how to draw it. Check it out now.

6. Experimental Drawing – Robert Kaupelis (Paperback – Aug 1, 1992)

Drawing creatively is the object of this book. It helped me beyond the academics and into a much more artistic way of drawing. I return to it frequently when I need a spark of inspiration. Check it out now.

7. Watercolor from the Heart – Barbara Nechis (Hardcover – Oct 1, 1993)

I wanted to study watercolors, and all I heard was how difficult they are to learn. And then I bought this incredible book. I learned how to be creative with color, design and watercolor, and most of all how to be self guiding and inventive. Barbara teaches how to go out of the lines, and the information applies to any medium I choose. Check it out now.

8. The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Book for Photographers – Scott Kelby (Paperback – Jan 1, 2009)

This major update to his award-winning, record-breaking book does something for digital photographers that’s never been done before—it shows you exactly “how to do it.”  Scott shows you step-by-step the exact techniques used by today’s cutting-edge digital photographers, and best of all, he shows you exactly which settings to use, when to use them, and why.  This is the must own Photoshop how to book.  Check it out now.

Do you have favorites?

I love adding to my library. Please tell me yours and I’ll update my list of “must have” books.


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