Drawing the Model

10 Steps to an Expressive Drawing

Model N - Full Pose

Model N - Full Pose

Model N - Area of Focus

Model N - Zoom in Area


MISSION: To find a hidden gem out of an ordinary pose

  1. I used  8×10 grey paper ( you can use any size and color that you want)
  2. Digital Tools: Round Soft Pastel, Pointed Stump, Real 6B Soft Pencil
  3. Now draw a format square off center (for a unique composition I drew a 7×7 square and drew into that shape  )
  4. Use 2 fingers on each hand to create a frame and discover a new and unique image  (Your fingers are your viewfinder)
  5. Now move your viewfinder around Model N above and look for contrasts of light and dark, tone and texture
  6. Next draw from your new cropped area of focus using pastels, stump and pencil  ( ideas: look at the hands, look at the feet, crop off the head, draw only 1 side of the face, etc.)
  7. Use a pastel of the paper color to draw over where you want to make changes. (this means I used a grey pastel)
  8. Do not erase. Leave the history of some of your marks (those marks activate the drawing)
  9. Draw a group of different croppings.  Draw for 20-30 minutes and take a break. Models are usually hired for a  3 hour session with 10 minute breaks. Being a hungry person I take one longer break to eat cookies
  10. You now have about 4 drawings that are unique statements of your subject, and you should be happy with at least one


  1. I’ve done this drawing digitally using Corel Painter 11
  2. It definitely can be done in the traditional way with traditional media
  3. The benefit of digital drawing  is that I can save my work every 5 to 10 minutes and go back to an earlier version
  4. The disadvantage :  I don’t have an original that I can hand to someone. I have to print out my piece.
  5. The bottom-line  :  JUST DRAW 🙂

Completed drawing


Model N - final drawing

Model N - final drawing ©2009 Jacobson.



Drawing - close up view

Drawing - close up view ©2009 Jacobson.


Now it’s your turn.

  1. Leave a comment with a link to some of your drawings.
  2. We’d all like to see what you see.


Model PB – 60 minute pose

Model S – Quick Sketches

No Model Showed – Self Portrait

Live Model C – Portrait

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