Drawing from the Model – Self Portrait


Rachel Summer 2009

Rachel Summer 2009

After the Internship

  • Graduation from Ridgefield CT High
  • Off to University of Tampa, FL
  • Enrolled in the Art Therapy Program
  • Life figure drawing class
  • Class Project – Portrait- Medium Pencil

 Self Portrait

Rachel Self Portrait 2009
Rachel Self Portrait 2009

OK, I’m a pretty proud sponsor, but most of all, a very proud Grandmother. Talk about drawing from the model. I think this one is outstanding.  Her handling of her hair brings activity to a still portrait. And check out the detail of the eyes and the cami she is wearing.

Doodling with a pencil is easy. Self-portrait…not so easy. I don’t have the photo she used as reference, but look at her summer picture. She’s really captured a likeness.

First self portrait in college. Congrats to Rachel. It gets my ” A “ 


I’ll continue to keep you posted on her accomplishments. Thanks for your interest in this very talented young woman.


Model PB – 60 minute pose

Model S – Quick Sketches

No Model Showed – Self Portrait

Live Model C – Portrait


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