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Hi again

What happened this week around the studio. Only 2 posts this week.

I celebrated Thanksgiving and prepared for a 3 day weekend at the fair.

This is Saturday night and I’m right in the depth of a busy fun weekend.

Friends are arriving from around the country and what are they doing? They’re preparing for Christmas.

It’s a joyous time at the fair. Everyone is loving the affordable gifts of art for their friends and family. The coasters and cutting boards are definitely the hit of the season.

If you’re in Palm Springs, please stop by and say hello.

See you next week here on the blog. Enjoy the festivities.

[Artists] Media Mama – Yellow (11/22/2011)

How to be Happy Lesson #35 Focus on the Color Yellow WATCH THE VIDEO NOW… It will make you Happy  .

Meet my very clever artist friend. She’s creative, sensible and inspiring. from Joelle Norwood, the MediaMama   10 Simple Ways to Get Happy Happiness is ephemeral, subject to the vagaries of everything […]

[Drawing Classes] Overcome Fear (11/23/2011 )


Drawing • Model • Jacobson

Time to Take a Chance? Overcome Fear. Sign up Today … Free Drawing Class About Jackie Jacobson – that’s me.

You always wanted to take drawing classes. But…(insert your excuse here) Today is the day to change that old thought. Today is the day you get through all those old fears. Today is the day […]


For the Last 30 Years
I’ve been teaching people how to draw creatively
They are so proud of themselves after just a few weeks.
And so…
A drawing class for people who want to use their creativity..
I will definitely inspire you!

If you think you can’t draw, your wrong.

You’ve just never been inspired to bring out that artist within.

Don’t think about it. Let your artist within sign up. Do it today. You won’t be sorry.



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