Tour of the New Wet Painting Studio


Yellow Rose Print - Hand Embellished by Artist ©2009 Jackie Jacobson.

Yellow Rose (Detail) ©2009 Jackie Jacobson.

Do you paint in a small space?

I believed I needed a large space in order to paint wet. Space was limited, so I setup in the garage. There was plenty of room when the car was removed. The last time it was used was 4 years ago. The temperature in the garage is higher than the outdoor temperature. In the Palm Springs areas, that is well over 110o in the summer.

The decision has been made for me. Move the wet studio, into the house, and use any available space. Well here it is. I took over a small guest bedroom. Guests can now stay at a hotel nearby. I use this space for smaller paintings, but I am convinced I can work on a 48”x60” canvas with no problem.

This is a photo tour of the equipment and materials in “The Wet Studio.”

 It’s best viewed using PicLens slideshow …If it gets stuck hit pause and then play 🙂  It’s just a computer thing.


What is all this about “wet?”

I paint digitally. So “wet” refers to the other kind of painting.  I’m now doing the embellishing in the wet studio, and the painting in the digital studio.

In case you’ve missed it, here is my home studio and gallery. Take this tour now.

The next tour will be of my digital workspace and materials. And…it will be shown in video format. So please come back and take the video tour. Bring a friend with you.

Thanks for stopping by. If you’re in the Palm Springs CA area, call for a personal tour through both studios. I’ll enjoy showing you around. I feel privileged to be able to paint. Play it forward is my motto.

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