Artist: Kyle Lambert

iPad Painting

Brushes App for the iPad

This iPad finger painting of Beyoncé was my first serious attempt at painting with an iPad.

It took 8 hours to complete in June 2010, only weeks after I purchased my first iPad.

It was painted in the Brushes iPad app and exported as a video using the Brushes viewer application.

Beyonce • iPad Painting • Kyle Lambert


On the 1st July 2010, I uploaded a speeded up video of the painting to YouTube and the video quickly began to draw attention. Within the first few days the video was viewed around 200,000 times and featured on a number of popular technology websites – Including, TUAW and Cnet.


Amazingly, the video was spotted by Sony Music and featured on Beyoncé’s official website. Since then the video went on to be viewed almost half a million times and featured on BBC’s – The One Show and at the Macworld Expo 2011 in San Francisco.

Will Smith • Digital Painting • Kyle Lambert

Digital Oil

Moving from painting with oil paints on canvas to pixels was a big step for me as an artist.

My initial worries were that I wouldn’t be able to produce loose work in the same way you could with a real paint brush.

For this painting of Will Smith I decided to create a few new paint brushes to simulate paint brush strokes.

The resulting image was exactly what I wanted to achieve.

On first glance it has all of the characteristics of a loose portrait painted with oils.

My inspirations for this piece were the incredible paintings by Jenny Saville.


Date created : February 2009
Purpose : Painting Experiment
Duration : 4 hours

Tools used :
– Adobe Photoshop
– Wacom Intuos 3

You’ve now met one of my inspirations for painting. Hope you’ve enjoyed meeting artist Kyle Lambert.

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