Artist draws two portraits using both hands

Remarkable Video!

Drawing Then (when I studied)

Drawing by the Masters

Drawings by the Masters

Drawing is a visual art that makes use of any number of drawing instruments to mark a two-dimensional medium.
Most realistic artists who can draw believe… ” if you can draw, then you are really an artist.
Well we won’t go into that debate.

When I was in school…

  • the day was devoted to drawing from the live model
  • drawing from plaster casts
  • drawing from the still life.
  • Then it was anatomical drawing from the skeleton.
  • We studied like we were drawing with Michaelangelo.

Drawing and Painting BFA Today

The studio experience is personalized and aims at developing your unique artistic identity.

  • As a painting/drawing major
  • You’ll explore familiar and unfamiliar paths
  • Be enriched by the diversity of ideas around you
  • Gain confidence in your potential
  • and come to understand your place in the broad context of contemporary and historical art.


Today’s Video – Amazing Artist

I thought I could draw. Now I wonder.
Well here is an artist who developed her own unique identity.
Don’t you wonder how she does it?

I wonder and have a few ideas. But…

Let’s make this the beginning of a discussion.

What are your ideas? Please share them with us.

It just takes 140 characters … So Just Do It Now…don’t wait.

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