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Vase with Sunflowers - 2009

Vase with Sunflowers -©2009 Jacobson

Flowers Everywhere

I spent this summer at home, in the studio…Painting. That is the best vacation any artist can have. I’ve always admired still life paintings.

Still Life

This genre flourished particularly among Dutch painters of the seventeenth century, and the term itself originated in the Dutch language as “” and “”. Jean Chardin (French, 1699-1769) is the most universally admired painter of still lifes. Chardin painted many pictures of everyday items, including kettles, vegetables, and earthenware, with superb modeling of color, light and texture.

The 1850-1900 included my favorite Still life painter, Vincent van Gogh, and my first love his Vase with Twelve Sunflowers.  For more information about Still Life follow this link to the… history and numerous examples of still life painting.

With these historical inspirations, I have done this recent series of still life paintings, using vases and objects in my home and flowers from my journeys. Enjoy. 







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