Were You Born with It?

Talent - Painting

Fuscia Black ©2009 Jacobson

Meet the Artist …Jackie Jacobson

The Question I’m most frequently asked… “Were you born with talent? I can’t draw a straight line. My sister has it, but I don’t have talent.”

My Answer… short and simple. “No I wasn’t born with the skill of drawing a straight line. I wasn’t born with any of the skills I have today.” So how did I get here if I wasn’t born with IT? What is talent? Plain and simple, I call it the Big P: Perspiration.

What I did have was desire and passion. I loved color, crayons, watercolor tins, coloring books, and paint-by-numbers. Love leads you down your path if you’re awake and follow those clues. I went to art school for three years and learned the skills of drawing and painting, and everything you’d want to know about art materials. Then I just plain worked hard!

Keywords to anything we want to get good at: Discipline, Devotion, Routine, Structure, Habit

Make it regular–whether it’s the same time every day, the same number of hours each week, or on the same days of the week. Not a morning person? Then don’t say you’re going to get up early and go to the studio. Schedule your studio time when you are most creative and productive. Quote from ArtBizBlog by Alyson Stanfield

Read Talent is Overrated What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else by Geoff Colvin. Colvin shows how two people with equal parts talent take very different paths when one of them commits to a deliberate practice.

There it is…Talent. Devote your time to your passion.  By the way…I use a ruler to draw a straight line!

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