What style should I exhibit?

Here’s my dilemma? What should I show of my artwork at the street fair?

 Dahlia Bouquet White SQ


I’ve had huge success in selling this style for the past 8 years. These pieces are very realistic, and that’s what people love and have been buying. They’re up-close and intimate portraits of flowers that make the viewer stand back and say WOW.



Pear Yellow

Pear Yellow



I also love to draw freely, to paint freely, and to live freely.  Lately I’ve been painting small, loose pieces. The new pieces reflect the soul of me but dare I show them along with my current work? They are so different from what has been so successful.




SunDance Black

SunDance Black

Pop-art & Warhol meet Pets?

To confuse matters even more, I’ve started doing the pet portraits in the Andy Warhol style. They’re fun and bold and very different from my traditional style.





Back to the question at hand. What should I show of my artwork at the street fair?

  • Is this all starting to look fractured and disconnected?
  • Dare I include all three styles in my art-fair presentation?
  • If yes, do I totally separate the three styles in my presentation? 

The very successful pieces don’t reflect the freedom of spirit that I know is a huge part of me. Your thoughts always help guide me through these stumbling blocks. Help Wanted…Your opinion please.


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