Off to Dallas

This is a big day for me.

August 20…MY BIRTHDAY.


I’m celebrating with son Steve and family. That means, I’m flying off to Dallas today, returning on Monday. If I can I’ll post tomorrow. If I can’t that means I’m just having too much fun to stop. More soon.

OK I promised myself that I would post something daily. Here it is…


This week I revisited three pieces that I did 5 years ago. They were among my post popular and favorites. Of course, favorites change as I do more artwork. I thought it would be fun to see how I would approach the same compositions today. My medium is acrylic. I’ve done these more painterly, a lot more simplified and with much more dramatic coloring.

 My original work stayed close to the reference photo that I used. Today I’ve moved well beyond that. I will continue to revisit older pieces. My body of work from the past 7 years is enormous. This sure gives me images to explore for my daily paintings.

I’m very open to suggestions revisiting  images that you own of mine, or have seen of mine, and would like to see  painted from my perspective today.


Sooo…  I am asking for your comments, your suggestion, etc.

This is a fun way of starting a dialog with people who own my work.

The Artist with Collector Series.

How much fun can that be!

 With your permission, I’ll share your thoughts and ideas.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Talk with you tomorrow.




LP Mission Window -2009

LP Mission Window -2009




LP Mission Window Double  2009

LP Mission Window Double 2009



LP MIssion Doorway to Field  2009

LP MIssion Doorway to Field 2009

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