How to Host the Perfect Party

Cheese • Wine  • French Bread

 Meet the Artist • Jackie Jacobson

First there’s the Wine

Wine - Grapes - Cutting Board

Wine 'n Grapes - Pastel Painting - ©Jacobson

Then there’s the Cheese

Cutting Board - Serving Tray - Cheese

Cheese • Serving Tray • Cutting Board • Painting ©Jacobson

Then there’s the French Bread


French Bread - Cutting Board - Serving Tray

"French Bread" • Cutting Board • Serving Tray

What this thing with Art about Food?

I guess it started when I was asked, Do you only paint flowers?

Of course not…

But that’s what I’m known for.

Now the other thing that I’m know for is that … I’m always on a diet.

What do I think about if I’m not thinking about painting?

“You got it! FOOD.”

What’s happening in the studio this summer.

I’m really painting things I love to eat. So this is the first of more posts about food.

The Newest Painting …is the Wine and Grapes.

I returned to my original passion.

This painting was done with pastels. They’re soft and flowing.

And I was actually trained to pastel paint from the still life.

Italian bottles of Chianti, grapes and some bread.

I’ve returned to my roots and have done this new pastel painting.

Don’t you love the title? Not so clever?

Wine ‘n Grapes. That’s all that I could think of.

You can definitely help out. Suggest a better title and share it with me.

What’s perfect for the Bar?


Wine 'n Grapes Square Board
Wine 'n Grapes Square Board
6"x6" • 12"x12" - glass cutting boards / serving trays The Perfect Bar Accessory Shipping U.S. - FREE / Canada - 1-4 $6.95 US
Price: $0.00
Size :

Take out your Gift List…ORDER one of these. They’re the Perfect Gift!

French Bread - Cutting Board
French Bread - Cutting Board
8"x11" • 12"x15" Tempered Glass Servings Trays / Cutting Boards. Shipping U.S: FREE / Canada : 1-4Cutting Boards - $6.95 US
Price: $0.00
Size :
Cheese 'n Grapes -  Board
Cheese 'n Grapes - Board
Tempered Glass Servings Trays / Cutting Boards. Shipping U.S: FREE / Canada : 1-4Cutting Boards - $6.95 US
Price: $0.00
Size :

Product Description

Bring home the chic feel of fine art with this Serving Tray.

  • Tempered Glass Serving Trays / Cutting Boards
  • Odor and Stain Proof
  • Heat Resistant – the perfect Trivet
  • Multi-purpose & hygienic
  • Non-skid feet keeps boards from slipping
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in the USA

Thanks for being here. Check back. More to come. I’m painting daily.

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