Matt Sesow’s 31 Days in July

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 SESOW VIDEO • Matt explains what he painted during January 2009


Matt is a full-time painter…

living and painting in Washington, DC. Painting and on the web since 1994.

Sesow produces an uncommon and somewhat obsessive number of paintings from Washington, DC.

From an interview

“Painting is very hard. Challenge yourself to paint badly. Shock yourself. Don’t tell people you are an artist. Get rid of all unnecessary expenses. Sell your car, cancel cable. You’ll only be able to keep one or two good friends. You’ll never retire. Buy a good fan, ventilate. ~ Matt Sesow

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Written by Dion Archibald
Washington, DC artist  Sesow just finished his 31 Days in July project for 2013. Matt and his painter wife Dana Ellyn began the 31 days project way back in 2003. They each create paintings a day inspired by the news of that day. The artists started out using the front page of the Washington Post newspaper each day but must have found it lacking. So they now use a variety of local and international news sources like Democracy Now, Al Jazeera, RT, and the Guardian. I used to think art and politics should never mix and to a small extant I still believe that, but as each year passes and I learn more about the system that controls us and keeps us stupid, it’s hard not to say something using art.

Painting - Matt Sesow

  Hero 30 x 40 inches. I’m guessing this painting called “Hero” is of the US soldier Bradley Manning. Manning is the system’s lesson for we the sheep: Don’t question authority and definitely don’t expose the system’s lies and corruption or you’ll end up in prison.


Take no Prisoners, 30 x 40 inches. This is obviously Barack Obama, but I’m not sure what the news report was about.

Painting - Matt Sesow

Little Prince, 30 x 40 inches. This must be about the new baby lizard born in the United Kingdom. Prince George of Cambridge they called it. Funny name for a See more of Matt’s awesome work from the 31 Days in July series at his website here. More about the project and the works of Dana Ellyn can be found at the 31 days project website here. Matt’s work is also very affordable. He’s an independent artist selling a lot of his work online.

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