Blog Triage

I really want to build a more active and exciting blog, so I signed up for the 4-week Blog Triage class with Cynthia Morris and Alyson Stanfield.

Today’s assignment is to describe the people who I want to visit, read and interact with me on this blog.

OK, here goes…
  • you have a sense of humor
  • you like art, even if you don’t make art
  • you’re curious about how art is made
  • you’re interested in my perspective of art today
  • you’re an artist who wants community with another artist
  • you’re interested in  artnews from around the world
  • you’re wanting to participate by leaving a comment (even a short 1 line will do)
  • you can or cannot draw a straight line (I can’t without a ruler)
  •  you’re between 16 and 90 years young and curious 

That’s it. The person I want to visit and read my blog. You must fit the description. You’re here today.

Most of the people who know me today, through my artwork, don’t live anywhere near me. This will be an opportunity to stay in touch. This website started as a catalog of my artwork, but now it’s much more. Join me in the fun and adventure of blogging.

I just finished listening to today’s lesson on the Blog Triage. I need to say out loud, ” I am very enthused about this adventure.” I’m always grateful for the opportunity to grow, and I hope to make this blog even more exciting for you as well as for me.

Please come back often and leave a comment ( 1 line will do )

Meet the exciting women who are leading me though this blog triage:



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