Finger Painting on the Apple iPad

from the live model • Artist David Jon Kassan



David Kassan ” A quick Apple ipad live fingerpainting demo that I streamed
live from my Brooklyn studioon Monday June 21st. 2010,
The model sat for 3 hours as I painted and answered questions on how I use the iPad and the Brushes app.
Just thinking of creative uses for the ipad.

iPad Painting is my new favorite thing.

Of course I’m new at it.
Many  artists worldwide are painting on the iPad.
I started with my fingers, but then bought a pen.
Here’s someone who has mastered the art using his fingers.

About David Jon Kassan

David Jon Kassan - Painting - Video

David Jon Kassan - ipad Painting


As an expression of his own calculated observation and visual consumption
of surrounding environment, introspective glimpses of reality
imbue the art of David Jon Kassan.

By immersing himself into his subject matter,
Kassan is able to infuse his painting with life and realism.

Kassan’s direction of realism follows the philosophies
employed by the Ashcan School of American Realists.

Kassan’s influences are varied; citing Robert Henri and John Sloan
as his primary influences on philosophy and subject matter

As for style and technique he cites Antonio Lopez Garcia, Mark Rothko,
Franz Kline and Clyfford Still as influences as well.

The Artists Series

This begins a weekly blog series that I will be posting on artists from around the globe
who are doing interesting work today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and article

In the weeks and months to come, I’ll introduce you to artists whose work I admire.
They’ll come from different art traditions and disciplines.

I’m open to suggestions of artist that you know, who we’d all like to meet.

What App Do I Paint with on my iPad?

I use ArtStudio for iPad.

I use a pen, the new Wacom BambooPen, but I’m definitely going to try my fingers again.


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