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Air travel is hard, “Slow Boat” is harder

I just returned from a 12 day travel vacation to NYC and Connecticut. Two of those days were spent in airports and air travel

Travel tips …  minimizing stress is a simple way to enhance wellness during traveling.  

  1. get to the airport very early
  2. be prepared (research parking beforehand)
  3. have your boarding pass printed out
  4. have your liquids in the baggie
  5. laptops and camera gear out for inspection
  6. be early – don’t rush during air travel
  7. keep a mellow and patient attitude when you encounter cranky travelers or during delays
  8. have calming music in your ipod for the plane
  9. drink lots of water
  10. always take food, more than what you need just in case there are any delays
  11. fresh foods (veggies, fruits)  travel well and are nearly impossible to find  at airports
  12. Again…drink lots of water (when the cart comes around, ask for water)
  13. get out of the seat often, and walk to the restroom (you’ll need it after all the water drinking)
  14. Water every hour helps with jet-lag.

OK, it will be a long day, even if you only have a short distance to travel. But…you’ll arrive in a good mood, happy and ready for an adventure. Watch for my next post, about the NYC adventure. I definitely filled my creative well with this travel trip.

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