Speed Painting by Agnes-Cecile

“People say that watercolor is the most difficult, the most unforgiving, and that it can’t be changed. All of these facts may be true, but watching Agnes-Cecile do this portrait with watercolor, you see the process differently. Wet, very wet, direct, brushstroke by brushstroke, deliberate, is how I describe painting with watercolor. Here you get to see a masterful artists slowly do a portrait in what I consider the perfect watercolor-painting process.  

And in Video #2 watch Agnes-Cecile drip ink/paint on a canvas and see exactly how she developes a drawing/painting. Enjoy!” 


About Agnes-Cecile

“Agnes Cecile” was born Silvia Pelissero in 1991 in Rome, Italy. The city is famed for its artistic masterpieces that can be found in churches and museums around Rome.

As a country, Italy has a long cultural history and has been home to famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Caravaggio.

Although still very young, she is quickly gaining a fan base and has been featured on websites like This is Colossal and Juxtapoz Magazine. If she continues to gain popularity at her current rate, she might one day end up displaying her art beside the masters. She is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

Cecile’s watercolors are highly expressive. The artist uses a variety of watercolor  techniques in her art works without limiting herself within the traditional confines of her medium. Agnes Cecile’s watercolor paintings have eye-catching colors and shapes that reveal the opinions and emotions of the artist. Cecile applies paint in blotches, splashes and lines, highlighting and adding detail with pens and pencils to create the finished result. Cecile’s portraits often depict the subjects’ faces as having a halo of color around their heads; wild patterns of blotched and splattered paint and blurred pencil that give the portraits a spiritual, emotional effect. The effect gives the impression that the subjects’ thoughts and feelings are invisible to the naked eye, but are revealed through the lens of Cecile’s paintings.

Agnes Cecile has been featured on Mayhem and Muse before in Agnes Cecile’s World of Watercolor. You canvisit the artist at her online art gallery.

Powerful Dripping Paint Portraits by Agnes-Cecile

watercolorWhether she’s dripping black paint onto canvas or carefully placing watercolors on a Moleskin page, one thing is certain, artist Agnes-Cecile (aka Silvia Pelissero) knows how to create evocative works of art. It’s been over a year since we took a look at her figurative illustrations and, since then, the artist has been on a tear, creating incredibly powerful pieces.

Today, instead of highlighting her new watercolors, we take a look at her black dripping paint portraits. The 21-year-old artist just put up a new video that shows the making of Waiting, the piece immediately below. Watch as she masterfully creates the piece using a combination of black enamel paint, which she drips and flips off her paintbrush, and charcoal, which she carefully places and then smears with her fingertips. Love her technique.


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