Drawings and Paintings that will Make You Look Twice

I am fascinated with artists who have the patience to draw and paint photorealism.
My artwork is representational and realistic. But as you can see from these 3 incredibly talented artists, photorealism is not what I do.
Enjoy their skill. They’re some of the best working today.

artist - Jackie Jacobson

Photorealistic Painting - Pedro Campos

Pedro Campos • oil on canvas 162 x 114cm

Pedro Campos

The work of Spanish artist Pedro Campos, will certainly make you look twice. He’s the incredibly talented individual behind these frankly stunning photorealism paintings of everyday household items.

His photorealisim paintings actually look like high-end photographs – but in reality, they’ve been created using a humble paintbrush and several dabs of oil paint. The level of skill, patience and technqiue needed to create these would surely be applauded by the likes of Johannes Vermeer & Michelangelo.

You can see more of Pedro’s phenomenal photorealisim paintings via his his official website.

Photorealism - Photorealistic Drawings

Linda Huber

Linda Huber

Linda has been drawing with pencil for over 40 years. She loves to draw in the style of realism and you can see that in her works are really impressive.

“The art of drawing with pencil has been a major part of my life for over 40 years. Drawing in the style of photorealism is what I love to do, to recreate LIFE as we see and know it with just a simple pencil is exciting to say the least. Working on a drawing for many hours is so relaxing that to this day I still have a hard time putting my pencil down to take a brake”.

“At an early age I started out drawing from life… as the years passed and my drawings became more detailed they took longer to finish so today I draw primarily from reference photos. Most all of my work takes anywhere from 20-80 hours. I’m self taught and strive for realism in each piece, taking great pleasure in capturing every fine detail. Details are key to realism so patience is significant, working a small area to near finish before moving on is a personal technique of mine. Portraiture is always a rewarding challenge due to the vast features and unique personalities. Drawing inanimate objects has become another favorite, textures such as metal and glass are extremely interesting and fun to draw.” ~ Huber

See her website


Photorealism - Painting

Rob Hefferan

Rob Hefferan

Rob is talented figurative artist. Painting above is painted by using oil colors. Rob’s every painting shows different emotions which is the style of his work. Born in Manchester UK in 1968, Rob Hefferan’s unbelievably beautiful and sensual photorealism oil paintings are beyond words. Checkout his website for more.

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