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I usually hate trade shows. But I do go to two every year. One show sells art, and this show sells fine art printing materials and supplies. So I’ve decided to share the event with you. We’re in the Long Beach Convention Center and it’s new and interesting. Walk the aisles and see what the Fine Art Printing industry has to offer. There’s some amazing printers, and color art coming off those printers. Enjoy.



Yes it’s about art…fine art printing.
Interesting art ahead.
Long Beach California.
The usual traffic, it’s a 3 hour drive…and we left at 6 AM

" The Queen Mary " Long Beach

Trade Show in Long Beach CA.

We’ve arrived at The Long Beach Convention Center and right down the walk is the Queen Mary.
Here we go down to the exhibition hall. ­­­­­
The NBM Show.
It’s where they show and sell digital printing equipment and supplies
We’ll look around at printers and how they do some pretty exciting and fun things.
This show is where I get my supplies and new products to put my painting on. ­­


This is a tee shirt printer. It goes around and completes 6 teeshirts in one cycle. It takes up 9 feet square and I don’t think it will fit into my 11×14  studio. Oh…and they wrap cars and motorcycles with printed vinyl.

Most of all, this show is fun, inspiring and they actually give out samples.  We always leave with some tee shirts, and vinyl printed art posters.
And we do actually buy new items to print with my paintings. 5 hours of all these people, all this stuff and I want outta here. Oh and I’m so hungry. I hate the cold hotdogs at the show…so let’s go to a really fine restaurant near our hotel

Tutto FamigliaMEALTIME

We’re now in Lake Forest CA and ready to enjoy a much earned fine dinner.
I always use Yelp to find restaurants, and I’ve never once been disappointed.
Here’s the one I’ve chosen. “Tutto Famiglia” Italian is some of our favorites.
I can tell you that this is an Italian family restaurant, father chef, daughter great waitress.  12 tables and the food is outstanding.
We started with recommendations from one of the Yelpers. Scampi Alla Retsina, and great garlic bread.
I had an incredible salad, and Al had their Minestrone. Fresh and hearty. Then it was Spaghetti with meat sauce and meatballs for Al, and I had the award winning… Linguini Frutti Di Mare. THE BEST.
And we couldn’t leave without a dessert. The Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake. You can see what we left of this fine meal.

So there you have it. A trade show for fine art printing products and a meal fit for a king. Not a bad day.
We ordered some great new products for the fall, so keep watching.
And I end with the sample bumper sticker that I selected.
“Take my advice – I’m not using it”  And my advice for you  is…
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