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Street Painting

Chalk art is an ephemeral form of art. Ephemeral is a word originating from the Greek word Ephemeros, which means “Lasting only one day”. Many believe that part of the beauty of chalk art is impermanence of it. Chalk artists often use pastels to create vivid drawings and 3D images on streets and sidewalks The surfaces they work on are usually asphalt or concrete, but sometimes can include bricks, pavers, and smooth stone!

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Street Painting Chalk Artists

Street Painting • Chalk Artist • Ann Hefferman

Water Street Market in New Paltz, proud to be the home of the Hudson Valleys first ever chalk festival. The event will be held Friday July 20th until Sunday July 22nd from 10:00am till 6:00 pm. We will be flying in 12 of the best chalk artists in the United States to participate in this event as well as 11 local artists. Everyone is welcome to enjoy this free event and watch the artwork unfold throughout the weekend!

Street Painting - Jay Schwartz - Chalk Artist

Jay Schwartz Painting his Chalk Art

Santa Barbara resident and business owner, Jay Schwartz, will be participating in an elite group of renowned street painting chalk artists at the upcoming Hudson Valley Chalk Festival in New Paltz, NY. Also known as ‘street painting’, the festival is featuring Schwartz and 11 other of the country’s most eminent madonnari (chalk artists). This event is hosted by Water Street Market, and takes place on July 20-July 22, 2012.

About Jay Schwartz

Jay Schwartz, who recently participated in his 21st consecutive I Madonnari festival in Santa Barbara, CA, has been featured at festivals throughout the United States, and has traveled to Italy, Japan, and Mexico to produce street paintings. Schwartz fell into the art of street painting in 1992, lured by the unusual medium which is a mix of fine art and performance art. “The paintings we create are not only done “live”, but they’re also ephemeral, vulnerable to the elements,” says Schwartz, of his passion. “Only viewing them in context can provide a lasting impression. The art is extreme – we’re in the heat, the threat of weather, and it’s an impermanent craft. But for me, it’s more than a hobby now, it’s an addiction. As soon as I recover from one painting, I’m looking forward to the next. This is the first ever Hudson Valley Chalk festival; it’s really an honor to be able to participate.” When asked what his favorite aspect of street painting is, Jay replies, “As I paint, spectators often linger to watch my progress and ask questions. Their interaction makes the whole experience meaningful and rewarding for all of us. It has become my favorite pastime, invoking a passion from my creative side.” In addition to being a world-renowned chalk atists street painter, Jay is also an acclaimed artist professionally, as owner and founder of award-winning interactive agency, IdeaWork Studios, Inc., with offices in Santa Barbara, New York, and Las Vegas. Under Jay’s watchful artistic eye, IdeaWork Studios has developed an impressive internationally-known client roster, and unsurpassed drive for quality. For more information on Jay Schwartz, please visit To see all of the professional artists attending the event, please visit

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