Sendak and Fairytales

Today on the blog, let’s take time for fairy tales and illustrations. I was reminded how much artists have influence us as children with their fairytales.Yesterday Google honored Sendak with this wonderful Doodle and video. And today I discovered Svetlana Kosolova. She honors fairytales in the most unique way. Enjoy today’s art find here on The Art Blog

artist - Jackie Jacobson


Google Honors Sendak

In celebration of what would have been Maurice Sendak’s 85th birthday today (June 10, 2013), Google has a nicely done, affectionate, respectful and fairly extensive tribute to the artist in the form of an animated Google Doodle on the Google home page.

After today, look to the Google Doodles archive, or view this video capture on YouTube.

Google - Sendak

Google Doodles – June 10, 2013

Google honors Maurice Sendak with an nice animated doodle. He was born on June 10, 1928 — 85 years ago. Maurice Bernard Sendak was an American illustrator and writer of children’s books. He is best known for his book „Where the Wild Things Are”, first published in 1963. The book’s depictions of fanged monsters concerned some parents, as his characters were somewhat grotesque in appearance. More about Sendak:

The doodle shows an very creative „walk around the world”. Rotating stage-layers includes some main characters of Sendaks illustrations. More about this doodle:

Sendak mentioned in a September 2008 that he was gay. He lived with his partner, Dr. Eugene Glynn, for 50 years. But an earlier coming-out was not possible because of his children-book career.

Sendak died on May 8, 2012. Happy Birthday Maurice Sendak.

Musik: „The Cannery” by Kevin MacLeod (


hand paintings, fairytales

Hand paintings – SVETLANA KOSOLOVA

by Angela Sofo in New Art on Tuesday 11 June 2013

When I found these pictures I thought ‘stunning’, then I looked at my hands and I thought, ‘they are so sadly … clean’.

Svetlana Kosolova, Russian musician and painter, probably would know how make my hands more ‘cheerful’. She uses her own hand as her canvas as she paints charming little scenes inspired by fairytales.

hand paintings - fairytales

Hand paintings – Fairytales – SVETLANA KOSOLOVA

The artist’s series of hand paintings include a range of stories from classic Hans Christian Andersen’s tales, like The Little Mermaid, to Russian folklore like The Snow Maiden. So you can admire the magical, colourful stories painted on Svetlana’s hands and remember your own childhood’s fairy tales.

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