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The Front, walkin in.

The Front, walkin in.

We are melting into the pavement here in Palm Desert, CA., so I thought it would be perfect to show you what my booth looks like.

I figure it is unlikely you’ll be coming to the desert any time soon.

I’m at the College of the Desert Street Fair, located in Palm Desert, CA. The space is in Lot 2 – #75.

It’s an incredible fair, with 340 vendors (in season.) The fair runs all summer, but NOT WITH ME. I end aft the July 4th weekend, and return September 1st.

For everyone who has not seen my display, it’s not elaborate, but it serves the purpose. I’ve been showing my paintings and giclee prints at this fair for 8 years, and I enjoy meeting great people from all around this planet. What can be better than incredible traffic and wonderful collectors. People love to come to the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area, and why not! Except for the hot summer months, it’s the perfect place.

And for me…It’s perfect year round. I just don’t work outdoors in the summer.

Teastain Collection

Teastain Collection Wall

The Teastain Group…Gardenias and Dahlias,
is definitely the most popular of this season.

Large Squares

Large Canvas Wall

Dahlia Bouquet 40″ x 40″ is one of my most popular giclee prints.

And the rest of the booth.

20" x 20" Squares

20" x 20" Canvas Wall

The Mission Series

The Mission Series Wall

OK, you’ve walked around the booth and you didn’t have to battle the heat. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour.

The print collection can be seen in the Recent Work pages, and on my website.

Contact me for special, very special summer prices.

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